1.7L Kettle - Deluxe

1.7L Kettle - Deluxe



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Feature packed and affordable!

Thinking of upgrading your kettle? Look no further with our stylish black stainless steel 1.7L electric kettle. Not only does it look smart, it is smart. Our kettles also feature removable and washable scale filters to making cleaning a breeze. It’s easy to know how much water to add too with the transparent water gauge.

Ideal for small spaces, the safety features on this appliance are top notch. The base automatically switches off to avoid overheating and if damaged, an automatic failsafe kicks in to cut power to the kettle. Also, the lid locks to ensure that the kettle stays closed to avoid spillage. There is no way of accidently burning yourself as the heating element is safely concealed in the unique design.

Break free from the stove and finally enjoy serving your favorite hot beverages anywhere!


1.7L Capacity
With a large capacity this kettle is just the perfect thing to use in apartments, office spaces and homes. It’s easy to know how much water to add too with the transparent water gauge.
Quiet Boil Technology

Featuring technology from other leading brands, this kettle features quiet boil technology from Strix, - the worldwide leader in the field. Expect this kettle to be around 5-10dB quieter than a comparable model without the ring. This means when you boil water, your neighbours don’t have to hear it too.

Temperature Control 

With 4 programmable temperature controls between 40 – 100 degrees set at 20 degree increments, you can also enjoy your water warm making it easier to drink straight away. It’s also great for brewing delicate green and white teas that are more temperature sensitive and offer the best aroma and taste when steeped in lower temperature water.

If that isn’t enough, this smart model also features a keep warm function so that you can maintain the heat while you’re busy elsewhere or just simply on your first cup.

Touch Control 
A modern kitchen appliance should be functional and stylish. This Kettle accomplishes that by featuring an easy to use Touch controlled base. Do everything at the simple touch of a finger. Did we mention that the base is glass and so easy to clean!
  • On/off switch
  • Removable and washable scale filter
  • Cord storage
  • Concealed element from Strix

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Yes with 360 degree swivel base
Stainless Steel

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