About Avancer

Who are we?

More than 30,000 customers have trusted Avancer since 2010 to deliver the best value Kitchen Appliances in Australia.
We aim to provide high quality, reliable products that won't let you down, at prices that you can afford.

We're not trying to compete in a race to the bottom to see who can sell the lowest quality at the cheapest price - Instead we price our products to reflect their value and to ensure every one in the supply chain is able to make a living. We invest our profits back into our business and our community and strive to provide the highest levels of customer service possible.

We can't guarantee that you'll come away happy every single time, but we do promise that we'll endeavor in every encounter to:
- Make you content
- Provide outcomes that provide for a positive solution for both you and us
- Provide as much assistance as possible
- Act truthfully and with trustworthiness
- Be reasonable and mindful of your circumstances

Help us to help you and we'll never stop trying.

What's special about our products?

As fun as cooking can be sometimes it can be labourious, time-consuming and frustrating. So it's important to have products that won't let you down and that you can rely on to help make things quicker and easier. Our range of Kitchen Appliances is designed to do just that. They'll help you to work quicker and smarter. They'll help you save money and valuable space in the kitchen by putting features you need most in fewer devices. Our appliances are designed for you - whether you are a single, a couple or a family - we've got something that'll suit your needs.

Why are we so cheap?

We use an efficient distribution model to offer you great products without the cost. We work with the same suppliers that manufacture for all the Big Brands. The difference is that we sell directly to customers Australia wide - That means lower overheads for us and lower prices for you. All products are shipped and stored in our local warehouse in Melbourne and distributed using Australia Post or Toll to provide you the fastest and safest delivery possible.

Try it and you won't regret your purchase

If for some reason you are unhappy, we offer a 30-Day Moneyback GuaranteeContact us and we'll try to resolve any issues you have, if you're still not satisfied we'll give you a full refund. All you need to do is arrange to send the item back to us. You can drop it off, ship it using your preferred courier or use our included return label for just $10. It's that easy.