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Cold Press Slow Juicer


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We all know how important it is to eat fruits and vegetables. They are chock-full of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that make us stronger and healthier. Juicing fruits and vegetables is one way to get your fix for the day, and there are several types of devices out there.

More likely than not, when somebody says juicing, you would often think of blenders and juicers. Well, the problem is that these devices basically use blades turning at high speed to extract the juice – to the detriment of the nutritional content. Biochemists could explain it better, but the point is that most conventional juicers mash the life and nutritive quality out of the fruits and vegetables you process in them!

The solution is rather simple. You need to find a way to extract juice without the high-energy impacts from those blades. You could either use a hand grater – which is just too inconvenient – or use the newest in juicing technology!

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A Revolution in Juicing

Slow juicer

Introducing the Avancer Black Label Slow Juicer! Instead of using high-speed blades to extract the juices from fruits and vegetables, this device squeezes them and draws out all the lovely juices and nutrients.

It does this by driving the fruit and vegetable pieces you feed in into a condensing screw, which is basically a screw whose gaps get smaller as you reach the tip.

At the bottom, the pieces are squeezed to extract every drop possible, and the pulp is driven out via a different duct.

You get a smooth drink without lumps and with all the flavour and nutrients!



The difference is in the taste

As the juice comes out, you will notice just how much more juice you get using a slow juicer.

A slow juicer like this one can produce up to two times the amount of juice from the same amount of fruits or vegetables as compared to a conventional blade-based juicer.

This is because the slow juicer squeezes the moisture out, where a blade simply causes them to be released.

You cannot overlook the better nutritive value you get from the products of slow juicers as compared to conventional juicers.

The low-speed extraction method not only gets you more juice, but also reduces damage to enzymes and various nutrients

Slow Juicer


Easy to Clean

Slow juicer

Have you ever had to clean a traditional juicer? If so you would know how painful and time consuming it can be.

Figuring out how to dismantle and reassemble the item is not easy without a quick look at the user manual for most traditional juicers.

The Black Label Slow Juicer has been designed with ease of use in mind.

Each part is easy to remove and clean, and equally easy to put back into position. With useful guides on the machine, you will know exactly where to place each part.

What's more, because the juicer does not use a blade there are no sharp bits to worry about!

We even include a DVD so you can see how easy it is!



Quiet and Energy Efficient

One massive advantage that the Avancer Black Label Slow Juicer has over conventional juicers and blenders is its very quiet operation. Because it uses low speed (80-120 RPM), it produces less noise, since it does not lose kinetic energy due to impact. This also means that the low-speed high-torque DC motor used in this device will last longer than an equivalent high-speed motor.

The low speed operation requires a smaller, less energy intensive motor which means lower operating costs than a conventional blender or juicer, saving you heaps!

Our Slow Juicer uses a paltry 150 watts, compared to some other blenders or juicers which use 300-800 watts.



How to get the best use

A Slow juicer is suitable for nearly fruits and vegetables including leafy greens and wheatgrass. You can even use the juicer to make soy juice, corn juice or ice-cream! We even include a free recipe book to guide you along.

It's important to realise that a Slow Juicer requires a different juicing process than a traditional juicer. We've put together a list of hints and tips to help you maximise the performance here

Always remember to keep the size of the pieces small and feed them slowly - This is especially important with harder fruits or vegetables such as Carrots and Apples.

Click here to view the user manual for this product.




  • Black Label Slow Juicer
  • 150W Motor
  • Low Speed Juice Extraction System 80-120 RPM
  • Maximum nutrition extraction
  • Low Noise
  • Energy Efficient
  • Durable
  • Quick and Easy Cleaning
  • Includes cover for fruit juice chute which helps to prevent mess and drips
  • Continous Extraction System - Can extract juice for up to 30 min
  • Overheat protection - Stop and restart automatically in case of overheating
  • Dimensions - 27 x 20 x 38 cm
  • Weight - 4kg
  • BONUS Apple Slicer
  • BONUS DVD instructions
  • BONUS Recipe Booklet
  • 3 YEAR WTY!

Slow Juicer Features

Slow juicer

In summary, you can get more juice, with more nutrients per unit, without the noise and with a much easier time cleaning up. Let's drink to that!


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