Cold Press Slow Juicer - White/Green

Cold Press Slow Juicer - White/Green



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A Healthier You

With the help of this modern kitchen appliance, its easy to get in your recommended daily intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. Get the fresh juice of delicious vegetables, exotic fruits, wheatgrass, nuts and even soybeans without compromising taste, freshness or value to your health.

The Latest in Juicing Technology

Most conventional juicers mash the nutritive quality out of the ingredients resulting in over-processing. The various added benefits of this slow juicer make it extremely efficient and one of the best juicers on the market. The taste that comes out of this slow juicer is what makes all the difference. The reason is simple, you get more juice from this juicer. This slow juicer can produce up to two times the amount of juice from the same amount of fruits and vegetables from conventional blade-based juicers.

Once you add delicious juice to your daily regimen you will notice yourself looking great and having more energy!


GE Ultem Auger
Instead of using high-speed blades to extract the juices from fruits and vegetables, this device squeezes them and draws out all the lovely juices and nutrients.
It does this by driving the fruit and vegetable pieces you feed in into a condensing screw, which is basically a screw whose gaps get smaller as you reach the tip.
At the bottom, the pieces are squeezed to extract every drop possible, and the pulp is driven out via a different duct.
More nutritious juice
A Cold Press juicer can produce up to two times the amount of juice from the same amount of fruits or vegetables as compared to a conventional blade-based juicer.
This is because the slow juicer squeezes the moisture out, where a blade simply causes them to be released.
The low-speed extraction method not only gets you more juice, but also reduces damage to enzymes and various nutrients.
Easy to use, easy to clean
Enjoy making delicious juice because the clean-up is so simple. Each piece is easy to remove, clean and put back in to place. The fruit juice chute contains a handy cover to reduce juice spillage and the need to clean up your bench – handy when changing between glasses. We’ve also integrated a side handle to make it easy to pick up and store your juicer once you’re done.
What's more, because the juicer does not use a blade there are no sharp bits to worry about!
For best results, give the whole bowl a quick rinse straight after juicing and most of the remains will just run off.
Quiet & Energy Efficient
Because it uses low speed (80-120 RPM) it is quieter and uses a less energy intensive motor which means lower operating costs when compared to a regular high speed Juicer or Blender.
Dry Pulp Extraction
By using an Auger to squeeze out every drop possible, this juicer results in near-dry pulp. You can discard or even mix the dry pulp from your juice in sauces or dishes to add more fibre to your diet. It’s great for making patties too!
  • Continuous Extraction System - Can extract juice for up to 30 min
  • BONUS Apple Slicer
  • BONUS DVD instructions
  • BONUS Recipe Booklet

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GE Ultem
27 x 20 x 38

Loving this juicer. Plenty of juice and pulp extracted, limited waste, quiet, easy to clean and a great price

Do yourself a favour!

We have had our Advancer cold press juicer for six months now and have been really pleased with it. Easy to use and easy to clean. Nice and quiet by comparison with others also.

Fantastic appliance, use it every day. Ery easy to clean

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