Portable Multifunction Induction Cooker 2200W Slim

Portable Multifunction Induction Cooker 2200W Slim



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65% Slimmer than the previous generation!

Now even slimmer! We've managed to put a bigger Crystal plate in an even smaller housing to give you an even slimmer Induction Cooker! 

With magnetic induction technology this 2200W portable cooker is ideal when extra cooking space is of the essence. Impress your friends and family by cooking delicious meals in spots that you never thought possible!  It’s also easy to clean and includes a timer function. 

The possibilities for this 2200W portable cooker are endless!


Induction Technology

This burner heats quicker than conventional gas or electric stovetops and is much more efficient with up to 95% Energy Efficiency. With no radiant heat or open flame it is also a much safer option – especially when space is tight and it is impractical for a campfire.

This cooker will only operate when induction-safe cookware is in place so be sure your cookware is appropriate.

Convenient for buffets, busy family kitchens or keeping things warm when entertaining, this is the ultimate modern appliance. With no naked flame, it’s also a great option for using in the middle of the dining table for dishes that call for heat, like hot pots or soups. Plus, you can take it with you when you are on camping trips, at the beach, at tail-gating parties and so much more.
Pre-programmed Multifunction Modes 

The easy-to-use LCD Display with digital controls feature 7 individual heat settings ranging from 80 – 240C (120W – 2000W) and a warming function. Cooking your favourite dishes is also a breeze with our pre-programmed multi function modes – hot pot, steam, fry, water, milk, soup, pizza & porridge.

  • Faster, Safer and Cleaner than conventional cookers
  • Easy to clean
  • Timer
  • Lock
  • Double Induction Coil

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37 x 29 x 2.1 (Depth refers to hotplate)
Black Crystal Plate

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